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What do you do if other people don’t agree with the way you have decided to feed your baby? It can be especially hurtful when you’re feeling judged by other moms about doing baby-led weaning or bypassing traditional spoon-feeding. When I started feeding Isabella solids, it was overwhelming and exhausting having the food choices I made for her called into question by others.

I researched, read and I made my decision on how I was going to proceed with her feeding, and that is something that shouldn’t be questioned by others. It is no one’s place to tell parents what they should and shouldn’t be feeding their kids.

“Mom Shaming” is something that became so normal on the internet, among social communities and mom groups, that people believe they can give their opinion about everything. Why do moms think they have the right to say what’s best to feed any kid other than their own.

mom shaming, fingers pointing to woman carrying baby

As we know, some people think dairy is unhealthy but some people think soy is unhealthy. Or that veganism isn’t appropriate for small children. Or that too little meat isn’t good for a growing kid. Or that fast food is literal poison. Someone will have an issue with anything you choose depending on their nutrition philosophy, so maybe we should all just mind our own business and stop caring about what other parents feed their kids, right?

So today I leave you with some advice I read and that helped me with dealing with all the “mom shaming” that comes from everywhere, regardless of your choice!

- Did you feed your kids some crap today? Yeah cool, you fed them! It’s the same debate as the breast is best, not formula. Breast IS best if it’s best for you. At the end of the day, fed children are best. Don’t let them eat junk all the time, but don’t lay the guilt on yourself or any other parent if they ate 2-minute noodles and Nutella today. Educate yourself about positive food choices by all means, but don’t feel the need to share every bit of crap you read and further the mom-shaming, everything in moderation, and well done for feeding your kids!

Regardless of what you fed your kids, today mommy, I just want you to know that YOU ARE DOING AMAZING!! Don’t let the mom-shaming get to you! YOU ARE DOING GREAT!

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